From Confinement to Community

Recognizing the increase of incarcerated mentally diagnosed offenders, Tennessee Department of Correction created a new position, Clinical Case Management – clinical re-entry services for the mental diagnosed offender. Clinical Case Management is a new concept to the department of correction and designed to ensure the continuum of care from confinement to community in medication management, mental / medical health care, disabilities resources, and hard to place housing from assisted living facilities to group homes.
From confinement to community, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) – Clinical Case Managers located in correctional facilities and Forensic Social Workers located within the community – provide clinical oversight for the mental diagnosed offender. With the new initiative, Tennessee Department of Correction designed the re-entry program for the Clinical Case Managers and Forensic Social Workers in collaboration develop special need re-entry plans, for hard to place mentally diagnosed offenders. Additionally, the re-entry plans are designed to assist the Board of Parole in making clinical decisions for mentally diagnosed offenders requiring mental health services, medication, housing, disability resources and more.
Creating a continuum of care from confinement to community the re-entry program for mentally diagnosed offenders was developed through cross-sector collaboration with Tennessee Department of Correction and other state and community agencies. The purpose of the program is to reduce the rate of recidivism and provide resources to the mentally diagnosed offender prior to release. The program will locate treatment services, housing, and mental and medical health care providers.
From confinement to community, License Clinical Social Worker providing re-entry services for the mentally diagnosed offenders reducing the rate of recidivism and creating a continuum of care.


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